"I’m not crazy…you’re the one that’s crazy…"

Thanks to Suicidal Tendencies for the title…

Went shopping with my wife the other day (yes, besides work and sleep, I try to find time to do normal human things) and like always there are plenty of people on their Bluetooth headsets. You know the kind, talking to themselves and carrying on a loud conversation at the same time. You have to stop and wonder, “Are they altered? Schizo?” No, just inconsiderate.

I read this article ,via Digg the other day and was met with the news that now it is going to be even easier to link up Bluetooth devices. Yes, there are good things for this…maybe even some that apply to the health care environment. Like vital sign machines that transmit data directly to the computer chart without wires and without the interference of us worn out nurses, or that send the data that a lab has been collected instead of replying to the docs that, “Well, I saw phlebotomy here…they were in the room, so I have to assume they drew the AM Labs, they’ll probably be up in a couple of minutes.”

I try to remain positive, but I really know that what it means is more people on headsets, talking out loud to apparently no one in particular. I’m just going to have to try harder to not answer them so much…


One Comment

  1. I just took my bluetooth headset back. They’re fab, handy, and wicked cool, but I couldn’t get past the “I look like an idiot” part. 🙂


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