It’s hot.

No fooling. My desktop widget shows 91 degrees outside. I moved from Arizona a year ago and I still think this sucks. Yesterday we hit over 100 and it isn’t even August yet. And they say global warming ain’t real…

I’m just glad I’m off. I’ve been biking and using public transit to get to work and not pay $3+ a gallon for gas. Only problem is that I get hot, sweaty, sticky and stinky on the way, so when I get to work I smell just like many of my patients. Shadowfax over at Movin’ Meat had this post about cycling. I feel his pain. Thinking about moving to the Midwest to get away from them. Ok, not really.

Funny though, since I’ve started this bicycle commuting thing in April, I’ve only driven to work twice. Not that I’ve lost any weight though. But my blood pressure is better. At least until I hit the floor…


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