At least it’s not a Prius

Not that there is anything wrong with a Prius. ‘Cept that I’m a nurse. A male nurse. Afflicted with all of the negative connotations placed upon the “murse”. Here’s my ride…this is how I roll:

my commuter bike, how I roll

I went out with friends for a drink on Halloween. We had taken D’s son trick or treating and since both he and I were fighting a cold and the wives were thirsty we hit up the local. As we are sitting there, in walk 2 “naughty nurses”. OK, it’s Halloween. I understand. But do you have “naughty docs”? I mean other than the “Seymour Busch, OB/GYN”? I hate the image it perpetrates in people’s minds. Along with the whole male nurse/murse these create stereotypes that get reinforced by television ( I mean what do nurses do on “Gray’s Anatomy/House/ER” other than be background – if they’re present at all?)

There’s no real point to this, other than the fact that nurses seemed to get singled ou. You really see many naughty accountants do you? I guess it just comes with the territory.


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