Men in Nursing

Nurse Sean put up an emotional post related to men in nursing. It’s a sobering look from the other side. Go give him some support, sounds like he needs a”pick-me-up.”

Read: Men in Nursing

I’ve always felt I’ve been lucky in this regard. There were 10 guys (out of 30 people) in my nursing class. My floor has 6 guys on the night shift alone, with more on the day shift. We’re treated like equals on the floor, treated like professionals and trusted with our patients. Sure, I think I push myself to learn more than your average nurse, but that’s just me. I’m a big nerd. My wife describes me as a black hole of “trivial trivia” and never plays Trivial Pursuit or Scene It! with me, unless we’re on the same team. But I digress. I know that there is underlying resentment from some female colleagues about men in nursing, like somehow we’re invading “their” territory”. I know there is a societal aspect to this as well. Men in nursing are either: gay, criminal, sexual predator, or a freak, according to society. I’m none of the above. My colleagues at work are none of the above. Society likes to call me a “murse”. When my friends call me a “murse” I crack a bad joke about their momma’.

We’re professionals. We strive to be the best we can be, in spite of societal and deeply held cultural biases against us. But I think there is hope. It’s becoming more common to see nurses who happen to be male. People are starting to get used to the idea, at least here in the States and accepting us as nurses. Change takes time. Hopefully Sean is willing to give it the time.

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