Ahh…oops, brain fart.

I knew I was missing a link when I posted about helmets..  Now I found it.  You should see these pics and crazy story.  Now I remember why I wear a helmet.  Oh yeah, check the coverage on BikePortland.org about the recent spate of bicycle crashes here in PDX, it’s a bit sobering.

Continuing the digression, I wonder what the true cause for the crashes in PDX is.  Nothing against the folks who have been killed, in fact it’s a damn shame, but I wonder if us cyclists are getting a little full of ourselves.  Yes, we’ve made PDX a great cycling community.  I see tons of bikes even out in the ‘burbs where I live, but sheer numbers do nothing to protect us.  We’re still just meat on a flimsy steel frame waiting to get smeared into road kill by the next idiot distracted by their oh-so-important cell phone conversation as the wonder what that “bump” was  while they were turning into Starbucks.  Aggressive cycling, by that I mean exerting your space on the pavement, which by law is ours, has it’s downsides as it opens us up to the full assault of the motorized public.

Be safe out there, picking gravel out of road rash is not a good way to spend the last sunny day of the year out here…

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