For All the ER NUrses out there…

Oh yes…”Top Ten Reasons People Use to Get Pain Medicine Early

Is that all you have? I’m sure there are more/better than that…

This sparked a reminder of someone on the floor lately…how they are still breathing I have no idea: Dilaudid PCA @ 4mg/hr w/4mg on demand q15minutes (max of 24mg/hour), 2 fentanyl lollipops q6 (a better invention I have never seen…mmmm…narcotic) and up to 100mg Phenergan IV q4. I also think there were prn Dilaudid orders on top ofthe PCA, but I could be wrong. Now do remember…1mg of Dilaudid is equianalgesic to 7mg of morphine – in other words, max. dose of Dilaudid via the PCA is like 168mg of morphine and hour. And yes, they were still breathing. The PCA pump though was a bit worn out.

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