A Landmark Denny’s?

Denny’s declared landmark

I can’t believe what is considered a “landmark.”

Yes, I was sad when I heard they were going to tear it down.  I spent many, many, many evenings & nights ensconced in a both at this very Denny’s.  I even wanted to flim a movie there, a take-off on “Weekend at Bernie’s” called, “Weekend at Denny’s.”  After leaving to go to school, whenever I came back to town, inevitably I would end up here.  I even took my wife there to see where I hung out in high school.

It was a part of my neighborhood, just down the street from my high school and a cultural touchstone (cheesy? yes.) of that neighborhood. But landmark?  You be the judge.  Guess it’s better than a slew of new condos, the last thing that particular area needs.


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