Did you see me?

 As a bicycle commuter I have had more than my fair share of close calls.  Right hooks, left hooks, failure to yields and once getting clipped for my troubles (which I freely admit was partially my fault), but here in PDX we’ve had more than our fair share of deaths and injuries as a result of car/truck vs. bike collisions.  As a cyclist, you have an extra insight into the habits of drivers, I mean you can see right into the car, literally reach out and touch somebody.  And I tell you, it’s frightening.  I stopped counting how many people were on cell phones and instead started counting how many were not.  Then there are the make-up appliers, meal eaters, drinking drivers (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and sleepers.  It’s rough out there.  Still I wouldn’t change.  Riding is my escape.  I can have an absolute shit night, but by the time I roll up to my home I feel fine.  Calm, relaxed, loose and exhilarated, and ready to sleep.  But I (and my wife) worry about the dangers.  So, did you see me?

Test your awareness.


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