Coffee Snob

Yes, I am a coffee snob.  But not nearly as bad as some.  One thing though really bugs the crap out of me:

It’s espresso.  Not expresso.

It’s not express coffee.  It’s espresso.  There’s no “x” in it.  It’s like when people call it “Warshington”.  There is not an “r” in “wash” is there?  No, I didn’t think so.  Same thing.  No “x” in espresso.   A nurse I worked with the other night kept referring to it with the “x” and it was driving me to the near side of insanity.

The lesson folks: its espresso.

That is all.


  1. I’m beyond a coffee snob–I mean: fly my espresso in directly from distributors, madly collect cup of excellence winners, pull 8 shots on my overly expensive home set up and throw them all out because they just aren’t perfect enough type of snob.

    I agree…NO X!!!

    It’s particularly bad when someone says it when trying to sound like they are a coffee snob.


  2. Oh, I love espresso too, but the invisible r shows up in a lot of conversations here in the Midwest.

    I enjoy your posts. Keep it up!


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