Getting Enough Sleep?

Go ahead, take the quiz over at MSNBC.

According to them I may have a sleep disorder.  Right.  Anyone else? For shits and giggles, I’ll put it in a NANDA approved format.

“Sleep pattern, disturbed, related to shift work as a floor nurse, as evidenced by daytime sleepiness, increased irritablity and over-consumption of caffeine.”

In related news, I’m just a little pissed.  The last three days here in Portland have been absolutely spectacular.  Bright blue skies, temps in the 60’s and not a drop of rain.  But I worked, all three days.  And slept.  So what is the weather going to do now that I have a couple of days off?  Yep, rain, wind, rain and clouds.  Dammit, some days it makes me wish I stayed in Flagstaff.

Oh, I broke the curse.  More to follow.


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