What you don’t want to see, part 3


This photo fills me with dread.  But I also look at it and go, “One day…one day.”

But 9 pumps?  Where does one draw the line?

Quick rant though…paging Dr. Dumbass again.  (Different one this time though.)

Do you think that instead of worrying about the stat MRI for leg weakness (at 2am in the morning), drawing some labs might have been a good thing?  Even after looking at the patient who just doesn’t look right and is barely conscious when we move him to the bed from the gurney?  I mean, a couple of hours until early AM labs doesn’t make that big of a difference for the day crew to handle his dispo.  Not to mention his WBCs were over 35,000, ammonia >130, LFTs thru the roof and BUN & Creatinine way out of whack when the labs were finally drawn.  I think the MRI was kind of a moot point with the patient in MODS and tubed in the Unit.  Don’t you?

The picture above reminded me of this.


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