Streaming Consciouness

This week has been a wash.

First was our annual skills day where we get to show we are competent to work in our unit.  Rhythm interpretation and needed interventions, 12-lead interpretation, use of a temporary external pacemaker and removal of arterial sheaths.  Plus the ever famous in-services where we get told that we’re “doin’ OK, but need to get better at documenting things.”  Also included was a blurb about National Patient Safety Goals that has the dreaded “anyone can call an RRT” verbiage in it.  A consensus was reached that we will put it in the patient guidebooks, but in point size 3 font and in UV ink so it can only be seen under a black light.  I can only imagine the chaos and carnage our frequent flyers will bring when they realize that they can do this.  I mean calling an RRT because the nurse is 5 minutes late with your pain meds is acceptable, right?  My comment of “so are there going to be consequences for repeat inappropriate offenders?” was met with laughs and the ugly realization that there wasn’t going to be.  Thank you so much JHACO Joint Commission, for another safety goal that sounds absolutely horrifying on paper and probably worse in reality.  Also found out that according to our RRT documentation, none of our RRTs in well, forever, have ever ended.  Funny thing that documentation.

Then mother-in-law houseguest left for a month to Norway; wife and I have not had the house to ourselves in 5 months..I don’t think we’ll know what to do.  Yeah right.  I remember.  I don’t think there will be much blogging…

Next was new grad interviews.  Nurse Manager asks staff nurses to be a part of the interview panel adn gives nearly unlimited power of decision over who gets an offer.  She trusts our judgment.  In her words, “You’re the ones that are going to have to work with them.”  It was very interesting.  The first time I helped out with this about 3 months ago, we had candidates show up in jeans.  Not fashion denim stuff, but work in the garage jeans, minus the grease stains.  They didn’t get an offer.  Like with any hiring situation, we had some good, some bad.  Some were possibly dangerous.  I said of one, “Day shift will eat them alive and frankly, I don’t want to have to carry them on nights.”  Cruel?  Maybe, but completely honest.

I end this week as charge.  I really, really hope my black cloud has dissipated. Judging from my deleterious effect on a quickly going south patient a week ago (to be blogged about soon, I swear!) it is still in effect.  Only time will tell…


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