Spending your rebate?

I am so damn tired about everyone and their uncle telling me I should go out and spend my rebate.  “It will stimulate the economy!” is the refrain the journalists, and our commander-in-chief is telling us.  Personally, I would have liked it better if they had never taken the money in the first place, but that is a whole other ballgame.

I believe the American way to spend it would be on porn, guns and alcohol.  But I don’t have the time to defile myself in that manner.  That and it isn’t for me.  The alcohol? Yes.  But I can live without the others.  So I did some looking around, pulled out the calculator and opened a cold, frosty beverage and came up with some ways to spend your rebate.

So the rebate is based on a married family of 2 with no children, which is $1200.  Since I live in Portland, OR, average prices are either local or via Internet.  Some are anecdotal.  Remember, this is for fun…

To set one up, here’s a patient:  56y/o male, CHF, Diabetes, HTN, s/p placement of stents X2 to the RCA.  Med prices are based on 3 month supply ordered without insurance from drugstore.com.

Cost: $1468.99, or 122% of the rebate.

Lisinopril 10 mg QD: 31.99
Lasix 40mg QD: 46.63
Lipitor 40mg QD: 335.97
Norvasc 5mg QD: 105.97
Metoprolol 50mg BID: 26.95
Plavix 75mg QD: 389.96
Novolog 1 bottle: 261.54
Lantus 1 bottle: 256.18
ASA 325mg QD: 12.99

Doesn’t even get 3 months worth of meds.  Yes, I know, grandly exagerrated.

But what could be better than buying stock in the pharmaceutical industry? You could make a portfolio that looks like this:

6 of Merck $41.44/share
5 of Sanofi Aventis $78.35/share (converted from euros)
5 of Bayer Schering Pharma AG: $84.76/share (converted from euros)
7 of Pfizer $20.20/share

You’d be so money!

Or you could get 1 MRI (of the lower back), price before insurance.

80 GP Doctor visits, or 40 Specialist visits on my health plan.

171 Generic Prescriptions

66 Venipunctures, not to mention the cost of doing the labs.

You could get one of these:

A 2007 GT GTR Series 2 Road Bike from Performance for $1099 and still have a buck or two for cool gear.

Or you could get 2 of these:

Mongoose Sabrosa Single Speed Commuters, so you and the wife can ride to work and avoid blowing your rebate on 330 gallons of gas which is 25 fills of my car.

If you were really wild and crazy you could get 36% of a Gary Fisher Superfly, like this one:

Still you could buy a Trimet Monthly Pass for 15 months.

How about 8 dinners at Ruth Chris’s Steak House?

Better yet, 1.6 Ambulance rides due to either a heart attack from all the meat or from a cycling accident.

How about adding $260 for a birthday weekend in Las Vegas, including flights and 3 nights at Treasure Island?  You’re already in the hole and haven’t begun to gamble!

Instead of paying someone to fly, buy 346 gallons of jet fuel, just over 2900 lbs., which is not even enough to get a 737 to taxi.  That idea’s bunk.

How about a nice donation to the Joe Snow Memorial Fund?

Or give Nurse K a week off from triage.

Or help Ian (and others) support nursing students in Nigeria with Project N.

Or get something (like a mini jump kit) for EE, who’s expecting.

Or a cup of coffee and wifi for Kim.

Or a donation to Nurse Sean to help replace a sacrificial stethoscope.

Heck, I’d even take $15 to turn this into lostonthefloor.com…

Or we could spend it on something like 150 (not like I did the math or anything) six-packs of beer

Most of all, have fun with it.  And don’t buy anything from WalMart.



  1. I bought a Gary Fisher Marlin GS last week in anticipation of my $$. I figured I’d stimulate the economy at the same time as I stimulate my ass to shrink.

    You know, so I don’t have to spend all that $$ on those damn meds.

    Great post!


  2. One vote for giving the money to me. I’m spending !00% of my rebate check + more on a sump pump and drain tiling system for 1/4th of my basement. *Sigh*


  3. Excellent post! I’m going to have to get the kiddo a jump kit, complete with his/her very own Littmann. 🙂


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