Answers to the Game

I’ve been at work all last week, so I haven’t had much of a chance to post.

Here’s the denouement to “Let’s Play A Game…

According to the labs drawn at the beginning of the code, her potassium was 7.7mEq/L.  Yes, a lady with hypokalemia, had a K of 7.7.    I came to understand her renal function was (is) incredibly screwed up and since they had been fighting hypokalemia, she got a large dose of KCl before bed.  Hence the PEA episode and subsequent transfer to the Unit.

Here’s the cool part:  by the end of my shift she was awake and following commands.  Two days after the code (my back still hurting) she came back to the floor with zero(!!!) neuro deficits.  She complained her head, neck, chest and back hurt, but other than that, fine. She walked out (well, was wheeled out) 2 days later.

Now she’s coming back twice a week to get puffed (pure ultrafiltration dialysis) for both fluid and from what I heard, for even worsening renal function.  And she’s doing well.

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