Funny Band Name…theoretical

Inspired by a comment on a post over at Ten out of Ten, and along with musings earlier in the week I came upon a great band name with a great title for their first album.

General Edema and Anasarca: Onward to the 3rd Space

Catchy right? The cover picture could be cankles from a decompenstated CHFer. Too much?

Maybe songs like “Asystole Sounds Good to Me” and my current favorite, “Noncompliance (I ain’t takin’ my meds no more)”. Or the ETOH centered theme, “Ativanapenic.” Or a cover of “DNR” to the tune of “Rockstar” (oh, wait, already been done…)

Somehow I doubt widespread mainstream acceptance… fun vids after the jump.

So for some mainstream goodness…clips from my top 3 (if I can even narrow it down that much…many, many were left out) favorite bands. Enjoy.

Saw them live on this tour. Stage set-up was awesome, was in the front row, stage left. Talk about live energy.

Have yet to see these guys, except on video/TV. I seem to be working or sick whenever they come around (mind you, I’ve trying for 14 years…talk about bad luck.)

Saw them as well, not as close as I wanted. But check out the crowd moving like a living monster when the break hits in video #2.

Hope you enjoyed, now on to work on that theme song…


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