Pass me a Rockstar

When energy drinks and teens collide: Energy drinks linked to risky behavior among teenagers

The trend has been the source of growing concern among health researchers and school officials. Around the country, the drinks have been linked with reports of nausea, abnormal heart rhythms and emergency room visits.

I think I too would have heart palpitations with 250+mg of caffeine.  What’s that?  A 12oz. cup of Starbuck’s coffee has the same?  Oh, never mind then.

I’m sorry, as a dedicated caffeine consumer (albeit on the road to recovery), I’m not sure what the deal is.  The article goes on the talk about risky behavior, like substance abuse and unprotected sex.  And you’re trying to tell me this is new?  Get a grip folks.

I’m not a fan of these, but I do enjoy my coffee.  I can’t see someone going to the ER for nausea or palpitations after 5 cups of coffee (which used to be my morning wake-up).   Just more scare tactics.  Funny though how they don’t mention anything about the tweens walking around the mall with grandé Frappuccinos in hand.

The best quote though comes from a company spokesman:

“We expect consumers to enjoy our products responsibly.”

Isn’t that the mantra of every company selling something that can effect your mind and body.  I think the chairmen of Anheuser-Busch and Phillip Morris console themselves with it every night before bed.


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