Why would you come to the ER for a sunburn?  I guess I can stretch the imagination and come up with blistered, throbbing pustules, more in line with scaldings etc., but not really that far.  Really?  A sunburn?  You came in to the ER on a Saturday night at 1am for a sunburn?

I saw this on the ER screen in our system. I usually check it out a couple of times an hour when I’m charge to see if there is anything pending for admission, just so I can give a heads up.  But I couldn’t believe that “sunburn” was the chief complaint.  I mean, yes, it was a Saturday night, so it was mixed in with the psych holds/SI, ETOH, heroin OD, Alzheimers/AMS, Dr Referral and the typical “just not feeling well” but it blew me away.  I’ve had some horrible sunburns and will probably seeing a dermatologist frequently when I’m older anb never thought to go the ER for any of them.  Why can’t people just “cowboy up”?

I can’t wait to talk about the needle-phobic patient we had…but can’t right now.  I’m waiting for the wife so we can go celebrate our wedding anniversary.  I just had to get this off my brain; now I can relax.


One Comment

  1. Happy anniversary to you!
    I remember getting getting dispatched to a few “burn” calls which were nothing more than a sunburn.
    For those who don’t wear sunblock, they should go to that section where burn relief gels are usually sold next to the sunblocks. Since Medicaid doesn’t pay for otc burn gel, guess that “free” ride to the hospital for that “free” ER eval makes more sense. ugh!


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