While I may be superstitious, my rational side is usually able to concoct an explanation for circumstances of what may seem to be divine intervention, or lack thereof.  But I can’t on this one.  The only plausible explanation, the only one that makes even a shred of sense is the totally irrational one.  How else could you explain 6 codes in 1 night?

Yes, we have sick people, sicker than normal in house right now.  But 6 codes?  That’s more than a typical week, even more than a typical month.  So yes, 6 codes, 4 in the Unit, one upstairs and one on my floor.  The code team was looking ragged, the doc looked like she was one of the walking dead herself after being abused all night long.  I think our Materials people were going to throw a fit if they had to throw together another fresh code cart.  It was one of those nights.

But the explanation you ask?  Friday the 13th.  It’s the only one that makes any sense at all.  Even though it was only the 13th for half of last night, it’s insidious reach kept things interesting.  The worst part of it all though is that now, tonight, Mr. Blackcloud (me…) is in charge.  I’m calling staffing right now to make sure the ICU is well staffed and checking with Materials to get an extra cart up to my floor, just in case.  Let’s hope the universe got it all out of its system last night and things will go smooth.



  1. Six codes? Good lord! I’ve had some rough days, but man…six codes in a shift about beats anything I’ve had happen to me.


  2. First sentence.. “While I may be superstitious,” Is the word “NOT” missing in that sentence?


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