Someone asked for an update on the six codes from the night into Friday the 13th. I don’t know a whole lot as most of them were not even on my floor, but here is what I do know.

They lost one, after and hour and a half of work. The others I do believe are still in the Unit. The guy we sent had been extubated by the time I came back the next time, but was still still on multiple pressors. I will say though that we have been incredibly busy, full many nights. The other night, excluding L&D, the only open bed in the house was the code bed.

At least we haven’t had a night like that since, and hopefully won’t for awhile.

Anyways, my Internet connection has been and is kind of spotty so if it seems like I disappear for days at a time, I’m OK. Plus, I have 6 days off, and the weather is going to be AWESOME! Who can argue with blue skies, a slight breeze and temps. in the 70-80’s?


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