As if we didn’t have enough to worry about.

What with the cost of gas driving regularly sane people out of their cars and onto to bikes, buses and trains, all that exposure may be opening us up to more than we bargained for: a big, bad, more nasty strain of West Nile.

This article lays it out.  The “worst” part is that due to the change in the weather, the typical areas are heading North, even up to Canada due to the warmth of the summer.  Where you usually saw outbreaks in Southern states, this is heading North at a pretty good clip.  And the virus is changing, “The new strain appears to have evolved naturally, said Petersen. “We can no longer find the 1999 strain. It’s pretty dramatic,” he said.”  Ma Nature at her best if you ask me.

Guess I better brush up on my virology and re-visit West Nile encephalitis…


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