Floor Poker

Now that my unit has splintered in two, one being a traditional Progressive Cardiac Care Unit, the other an Intermediate Care Unit (on a different floor to boot) we have almost begun to compete or at least trade for patients.  Sometimes it may be like this:

“OK, so I’ll take this ETOH with a GI Bleed and you get the Chest Pain with elevated troponins since you called it first, but the next batch, I get first pick!”

So a couple of weeks ago downstairs had a pair of our frequent flyers and I had 3 GI bleeders and 2 ETOH protocols (in other words, drunks sobering up) upstairs.  The downstair charge nurse and I were joking around as to who was having the worse night.  As we laid out our cards, er, patients, I remarked, “It pretty much isn’t even worth trying to bluff me out of it, ’cause a full house always beats a pair!”


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