Wonders of Technology

It never ceases to amaze me what one can find on-line (no, I’m not talking about porn here…).  Some time ago, when I was a call center drone, I used podcasts to keep my mind from going comletely to shit as I entered order after mind-numbing order (I entered internet and fax orders, no phone calls for me!).  Sure music was good for awhile, but after days, weeks and months of the same stuff it grows monotonus.

First it was tech oriented stuff like TWiT and Diggnation.  I searched high and low for stuff relating to medicine and found Medkast, but that had many topics that I found neither useful nor interesting.  Last week I stumbled on the Surgical ICU podcast.  Done by a surgeon in the burn center at Vanderbilt University, it covers topics I might actually see. Useful and informative.  What a concept.

Check him out.  Y’all might learn something.

Surgical ICU Podcasts

I’m getting back to trying to figure out how to sync all three of my calendars, Palm, Gcal and Outlook.  I think I may have a solution. Maybe.  If you hear ranting a raving coming from the Left Coast, I may be having issues!


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