September 1st – Bits & Pieces

Doe that mean even if my hospital decided to require us to wear whites, does wearing them after Labor Day make us uncouth?  Just a thought.

Never truly understood the whole “no white after Labor day or until Memorial day” thing.  Just not part of the that social strata I guess.

Oh yeah, hint of advice: if planning on leaving town and calling in sick, make sure you call in sick.  We had a nurse not call in for the morning shift, no-call.  So the charge nurse calls his house, wife picks up and says, “no he’s not here, he’s in Astoria.”

“Yeah, this is his work”

“Ummm….I mean he’s sick.  In Astoria.”

And after getting him on his cell phone he admitted to being in Astoria and forgeting to call in sick.  Dumbass.  Not saying he should lose his job, but he is gonna’ have to do some major pennance.

Oh yeah, and I’m really starting to hate clipboard nurses and our residents.  A blowout is brewing…


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