If it ain’t gas…

It’s something else.

The wife and I decided to go out, spend some quality time ensconced in front of a large movie screen.  Have some laughs, enjoy some previews, gorge on popcorn and drown it all in gallons of Coke.  In honor of this auspicious event, I present my version of a Mastercard Priceless commercial, based on my night.

Admission to first-run movie: $20.50

Large Popcorn, Large Coke: $12.00

Sneaking in Churros from Costco: $2.00

Having the twit working the ticket booth give you tickets for the wrong showtime: free (see #1 above…)

Watching Brad Pitt say, “That’s some serious sensitive shit!”: just about Priceless.

Yes, we saw “Burn After Reading” and laughed our asses off.  Seriously odd, demented fun.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  While waiting we saw a preview for “W” a movie about our Pres.  Isn’t it a little early for that?  And it’s real.  Not a farce, not a satire, not a “Disaster Movie” version of his life, but a real Oliver Stone biopic.  I may have to go to the second-run theater where I can drink heavily to get through that.

But seriously:  go see “Burn”.  It’s really great.

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