Open letter to the Duggars

I was being subjected to a show about the Duggar Family on TLC by the wife and mother-in-law.  Yes, I could have left, but I was enthralled by the trainwreck of breeding that is being showcased.  So I decided to craft a letter to them.  Unfortunately though it’s pretty short, as I’m leaving out the extraneous hyperbole and rational thought.  Bear in mind, these folks have 18(!) children.  Here it is:

Stop Breeding.

That is all.



  1. Why? A well-organized, obviously caring and loving family who is producing hard-working, intelligent members of society seems a like a pretty good thing to me.

    Stop Breeding is a letter much better suited to about half of the patients I see on any given day.


  2. I feel that the Duggar’s are raising their family in a responsible, wholesome and godly environment. If the Lord gives them forty children, what business is it to anyone? They are not asking for handouts, they take care of themselves and rely on God to take care of them.

    Children truly are a gift from God the Duggar’s are blessed enough to have received seventeen and now one more on the way.

    I say people need to stop being so judgemental and allow the Duggar’s to do their thing. Be thankful they DO take care of their children!


  3. Has anyone noticed how crowded it is everywhere? Rising prices? How about traffic congestion, genocide, starvation, crashing economies?

    There are too many people on earth and selfish people like the Duggars are the cause. Having too many kids should not be celebrated and cheered on, nor should it be ignored. Their kids are going to crowd our planet, use up limited resources and make everyone who shares the planet have to struggle ten (or 18) times harder just to survive.

    If children are the gifts of God, the Duggars are sitting under the Christmas tree with a mouth full of sweets, taking everything they find and screaming for more.


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