Nickled and Dimed, part 2

I went to an overnight conference for work this week.  You know how there are nice places and nice places?  This was a nice place that charged like a nice place.  From the outside it looked like a run-down old apartment complex.  Inside the rooms were nice, but not that great.  The catered food was adequate and the conference room well appointed.

But I am so tired of being charged for little things.  I had brought my lap top along to catch up on shows I had been missing and have something to play DVDs after hours when i was just hanging out with the wife.  I fire up the lap top and log on.  A page comes up and says this:  24-hour access, $4.95.  Charge to your room?

Really?!  I’m paying over $150 a night and on top I have to pay for internet access too?  The Econo Lodge down the highway gives it away for free.  One would think that in a nice place, it would be included, not a nickel and dime operation trying to additionaly separate me from my money.

Not to mention what they charged me for a whiskey with a beer back at the bar!

It was a nice escape from work though and a great opportunity to spend some quality time with the wife, in spite of the crap.  It’s late though and I have some stuff to write about, changes shall we say, but they’ll have to wait.


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