Staph and the NFL

A little Monday morning football related shenanigans for y’all:  A Slew of Staph Infections Tackles the NFL.

As health-care providers we all see this.  We know staph.  We’re almost all colonized by some variety, many of us probably with MRSA thanks to our unique patient populations.  It never ceases to amaze me though how this little bugger pops up in all sorts of odd places.

There were several telling quotes though from the article that I found both hilarious and frightening.  Now remember folks, the is Time (not Ma’ n’ Paws’ Newsie Magazine).  When talking about the the frequency of staph they drop this gem on us, “were either treated for staph or symptoms caused by the virus.”

Wait a sec’.  Did they say virus?  Uh…, yep.  Gee, I guess that’s why all the anitbiotics we’re throwing at it aren’t working: it’s a virus.  Wrong.  Big time wrong.  We all know staph is a bacteria, a gram-positiive cocci usually found in clusters.  It seems Time never got the message.

I also liked little gem:

In 2003, a team of researchers tracked the St. Louis Rams and found five players who caught eight MRSA infections. “We observed a lack of regular access to hand hygiene (i.e., soap and water or alcohol-based hand gels) for trainers who provided wound care,” they wrote in The New England Journal of Medicine. Other offenses included “skipping of showers by players before the use of communal whirlpools; and sharing or towels — all factors that might facilitate the transmission of infection in this setting.”

Like our infection control folks have been saying for a long time: wash your f*cking hands!  Yes, even big, bad, strong football players need to do simple things like hand-hygeine.  Simple ain’t it?

Plus with the recent news that Tom Brady has to go under the knife again, which sounds like a washout procedure of an infected knee, it shows that anyone can contract this, not just skin-popping junkies.


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