Charting Blooper of the Week

It was another great run of nights on psychnursinghome-tele, lots of fun and games including my 2 favorites.

The first is called, “page the doc”.  Your objective is to get a page out to the MD following your patient.  You have to figure out which intern to call.  Then you wait for them to call back.  And when they don’t call back after being paged 4 times in a hour, you now call the attending to snitch out the poor intern who’s going to get his ass reamed by his senior.

The second is called, “find the bed alarm.”  Objective is to prevent the confused, impulsive, weak elder trying to climb out of bed before they manage to do so.  It becomes more fun when you have multiple bed alarms.  One goes off and people scatter out of the nursing station trying to find the one that is going off.

Of course no weekend is complete without some charting bloopers.

“Patient was visting his nephrologist for care of his chronic knee disease.”

and my favorite:

“Prohphylaxis:  Will give PPI and STDs while in bed.”

Would hate to be that patient!  Does that count as a new never event?

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