Stupid Smart People

Our hospital system is in the process of changing our EMR, from our really shitty electronic system to a bright and shiny (and expensive) new system  Granted, I’ve drank the Kool-Aid about the project.  They didn’t have to do much convincing, in reality paper is almost better than what we have.

Part of this process however is to evaluate the model the big computer company has mocked up and then iron out the finer details that pertain to our unique system and needs.  We’ve been having seession about every 2-3 weeks or so to keep at the process.  Some people have been there for almost all of them, others come and go.  But it always seems like the ones that come and go seem to have the most questions and cannot figure out simple concepts.  They have to beat the topic into the ground, always looking for the answer that fits their needs, not neccessarily the needs of the greater whole.

Case in point today.  One gentleman was asking a question about the ability to have medication orders expire after a certain amount of time.  The problem was that we had already coverd this earlier in the session.  He kept asking, even though the facilitators said basically that it was possible to do and that is could be furhter ironed out with input from Pharmacy.  But it’s like he didn’t get it.  So he asked again, phrasing his question slightly differently,  you could hear groans go up across the room.  And he got the same answer as before.

Why is it that sometimes the smartest people are the dumbest as well?



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