Sick Day

I don’t usually take sick time, but am being knocked out by a nsaty cold.  Sinus congestion, swollen glands, sore throat, cough, just pure misery.  I gutted it out for two days this week, but when they called this evening to say I was in line to be called off, I jumped at the opportunity.  Besides the day charge nurse had seen me this morning and knew I was feeling like shit.

So I’m going to sit back, watch TV, drink some green tea and OJ and generally relax.  Best thing?  I don’t have to go back until next week!

Decent non-pity posts to follow, soon, I promise.


One Comment

  1. I can imagine how nasty your cold is, it’s so bad you improvised its spelling “nsaty.” Just kidding. Now don’t go back and change it. 🙂

    Get well soon.


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