A “Here’s Your Sign Moment”

Was out shpopping with the wife the other night.  During the madness I realized that the holiday season is truly with us.  It was madness.  Crazy busy.  And to help with the increase in shoppers are the ubiquitous temporary seasonal help.  We joked at an old job that the job application for seasonal workers was the “mirror test”.  You hold a mirror up to the applicant’s mouth and if it fogs over, they’re hired.

Gross mis-generalization?  Yes, very much so.  But some of the temps were really that bad at that particluar job.  It didn’t help that brains weren’t needed, just a strong back.

We finished up our adventure and headed for the check-out lanes.  A pierced gent rang us up, not that I have any issue with piercings, but do believe they have a time and a place, and when you’re at work, representing your employer is not one of those.

So the total came up to $13.42.  My wife hands him a twenty dollar bill and 42 cents.  He looks at her completely dumbfounded and says, “But the total is $13.42. You gave me $20.42.”  Totally baffled.

“Right,” my wife responds in her best teacher voice, “I give you $20.42 so you can give me and even $7 back and not have to deal with all the change.”

“Huh?” he mulls it over for a long second, “Oh, right, uh…” as he punches the amount into the till and gives us our change, “Here’s your change. Thanks for shopping with us.”

I wanted to say, “Here’s your sign.” but refrained from doing so.  We laughed all the way to the car.  Such fun.  So much fun.  And we wonder what’s wrong with education in this country when a cashier can’t make simple change on the fly?


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