Giving Thanks

Sure it’s cliche to do a Thanksgiving post, but hey, I live in cliches.  So here we go.

I’m most thankful for my wife.  She is my rock.  I would not be where I am today without her encouragement, support and love.  I love her like nothing else.  And even though we’ve been through a lot, I wouldn’t change who I went through it with.  Even when we’ve had nothing, we’ve at least had each other.  She’s truly The One.

I’m thankful for my family.  They’ve always been there for me/us.

I’m thankful for having a good job in a career I love.  Even though it may sound like I loathe work, I wouldn’t trade it.  I have found my place.  Along with that I’m thankful to have great colleagues who push me to be a better nurse, supervisor and person.  I’m thankful that my manager and the crew have enough faith and belief in me to ask me to be a primary charge nurse.  It’s still an adventure.

I’m also thankful for my patients.  Somehow they manage to teach me something new every day I work.  They also give me moments of laughter, sadness, frustration and pride.

I’m thankful that I live in a great country.  Again, I wouldn’t change a thing.  Even though we went through one of the most contentious elections I’ve seen, it still proves that democracy is alive.  We’re in for a new day in America and I’m excited that I get to opportunity to see it happen.

I’m thankful for my health and that of most of my family.  I’m more than grateful for the nurses and doctor in the ED the other night who took care of my wife in such a efficient and caring fashion.  While I may lash ot a the ED, it is born of frustration, y’all really do rock.  I’m also glad that it wasn’t what we worried it was, but it does add one more worry to the list.

Big thanks to those who read my drivel (all 4 of you…).  Seeing that counter go above 20,000 the other day made me realize that I am reaching out and that I may have something valuable to say.

Thanks again to everyone who touched my life this year.  Now, go get off the interwebs and spend time with your family!  Regular posting will resume over the weekend.  Maybe.


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