Politcal Correctedness

The other night I asked a question of a friend of mine regarding a new employee who he knew.  I wanted to make sure my intuition was correct and that knowledge would hopefully help to prevent a possible unintended gaffe.  I have the infamous “foot-in-mouth” disease frequently, although if I know about things in advance the incidence of flare-ups is relatively rare.  So the conversation went like this:

“So,” I started off rather sheepishly, “Bob, he plays for the other team right?”

“Oh yeah,” my friend said with a grin, “He’s an MVP for the other team!”

Case closed.

disclaimer: it matters not to me.  If anything I just wanted confirmation of a hunch.


  1. I will be linking to this post for my Monday’s post.

    Your so-called co-worker needs to be reminded that nursing is teamwork.

    Removed per author request


  2. Ummm, you kind of missed the point. We were referring, obtusely to Bob’s certain orientation. Like I said, it means nothing to me, but I wanted to confirm my suspicions about his orientation.


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