Yep, Frozen

The wife and I bundled up and braved the elements of our, “Arctic Blast” to hit the store for some necessities.  It was peaceful in a way.  White fluffy snow underfoot, stinging blowing snow freezing gthe face off and the ubiquitous dodging of idiot drivers who think they can drive in the snow.  All I hear when I step outside, besides the howling wind, is the steady thrum of chained up vehicles.  It’s kind of soothing.

I know we have nothing to compare with to say, Fargo, but I live in Oregon to avoid that kind of nonsense.  Usually snow here is easy, it comes, maybe for a day or two, then it’s gone.  But right now it is looking like this nastiness is going to be around for awhile.  They’ve been requiring chains or traction tires on all highways in the Portland metro area and the main road from where I live into work is a solid sheet of ice right now.  Luckily I don’t have to work until Thursday.

The city is trying to shut down, but it’s just not happening.  The second winter we lived in Flagstaff there was a massive storm the day after New Years.  I thnk when the flakes cleared it added up to 3 feet and the whole town shut down completely.  Nothing was open, nothing was running and the town was silent.  People were doing the right thing and staying home.  Unfortunately that isn’t true here.  I saw many people when we were out that were just doing their normal things, which seems kind of unreal.  You actually have a real excuse to stay home, but you decide to venture out.  Makes no sense to me.

The fun is going to be the commute tomorrow morning when thousands hit the the ice to get to work.  And I have to figure out a way to the airport to pick up the Father-in-Law.  It’s going to be a slow, cold  trip.  I can’t drive because the car is rear-wheel drive adn I have no chains for it.  I ain’t crazy enough to venture out in that vehicle in this weather.  It’s going to be fun.


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