Celluloid Christmas

Movies are one of my favorite escapes.  And when the weather turns, or I’m feeling lazy, I just love to hang out on the couch and watch movies.  Good movies, bad movies, really bad movies, they all get airplay.  But I live in a house of estrogen and at this time of the year I have to suggest Christmas movies to escape from the dreaded Lifetime Movie Network.  So I thought I would compile my Top Five Christmas movies.  That being said, I’ll turn it into a meme thingy:  in other words, play along if you wish.

#5  The Muppet Christmas Carol

I grew up in the Eighties and was a big fan of the Muppets.  I can admit that now.  And I know that it is “that” time of year when this one comes out.  In fact, the rule is that this moive can’t come out until Thanksgiving.  Besides, Michael Caine, one of film’s great badasses, and Alfred the butler, is Scrooge.  Can it get better?

#4 The Holiday

OK, chick flick.  I know.  But I also know a few things about compromise and there are worse things.  Besides, it’s a great cast and a half-decent script.  Runner-up for this spot: Love Actually.  Unfortunately I’m also a sucker of witty English Hugh Grant movies…great song though.  Not.

#3 A Christmas Story

You’ll shoot your eye out.  I was forbidden to watch this growing up.  Yes, my parents were that strict, or that lame depending on your perspective.  But it’s a classic.  From the leg lamp (see it’s inclusion in Guitar Hero) to the dinner at the Chinese restaurant along with dialog it is fun to watch.  And with TNT’s 24-hour marathon, you can have it on in the background and catch the entire movie without trying.

#2 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

There are things in this movie you don’t catch the first couple of times around, but that add immensely to the enjoyment of this flick (see Rusty’s veiled reference to self-“expression” in the first light attempt).  I know it inside and out and still chuckle at it.  Chevy Chase is a master of physical comedy the under-the-breath comment with a great script.  This is one holiday movie that is allowed year ’round.

and now, drum roll please….

#1 Die Hard

What the Hell?  You might be asking that right now.  Die Hard a Christmas movie?  Sure.  It has family, it has presents, it even has Christmas carols.  Granted it also has violence, gore and enough F-bombs to make Jerry Falwell turn apoplectic, but it is so much fun.  Yippee-ki-yay Mother fucker!

and the short version…

Have a  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Enjoy some movies!


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