Help with Risk Stratification

Biomarkers improve ischemic stroke prediction via Digg

For when traditional rish stratification is not enough.  Just add some more lab tests and voila’ we’ll find out everything that’s wrong with you.

Truthfully, this is a good addition to the arsenal of testing that we have to help predict the likelihood of stroke.  Whether or not this willbecome a standard will depend on costs, availability of the testing and acceptance of insurance of the test as.  Concievably this could be part of the stadard battery of tests that you get at yearly, or bi-yearly physicals to see what is brewing.  One big question is how specific these tests actually are and if other inflammatory conditions will give false-positives.  Theoretically that if there is a positive it will be verified by other objective findings and labs.  It may just become one part of the puzzle of diagnostics for stroke.


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