New Years Bit and Pieces

I’m not going to get all weepy and sentimental over the New Year.  No Top Ten Lists.  No witty remembrances of the year gone by.  No blow-by-blow details of the previous nights’ debauchery.  And definitely no overblown delusional under-thought out resolutions. Just some random bits and pieces, nothing by themselves to warrant a full post, but taken together enough to warrant a read.  Maybe.

“It’s better to burn out than fade away.”  Adios’ Monkeygirl.  That giant sucking sound you heard was the blog-o-sphere adjusting to your absence.  Hope you come back.

I resolve to proofread my postings.  I went and read through some recent posts and realized I need to proofread.  Frequently.  Before I hit “Publish”.

I love Portland.  Even though this year there was no official New Year’s celebration in Pioneer Court House Square, probably a thousand of us gathered nonetheless and had our own impromptu celebration.  Singing, yelling, the countdown, the dude mooning the crowd with gold lame’ drawers on, a true “Keep Portland Weird” New Year’s.  And the raucous singing on the MAX ride home made it even better!

And to everyone out there:  Happy New Year!


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