Targeted Advertising

I was watching the evening news tonight through heavily lidded eyes, but something very evident occurred to me:  people my age don’t watch the news.

How did I figure this out?  Commercials.  During 1 break that I was a little more cognizant for I saw a commercial for Plavix, Miralax and CVS pharmacies.  Not many folks in their 30’s need to take anti-platelet medications.  Sure some need to keep the GI tract moving and we all need a place to pick them up for sure.  But the general bent to these few commercials I was coherent for were obviously targeted to a older demographic.

Just a random observation.  I was really watching the evening news to compare broadcasts, NBC versus BBC America.  The depth and scope of coverage between the 2 was very different, vastly different.  Once again, targeted.

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