Angiography: Live and In-Person

BBC NEWS | Health | Watch an emergency heart procedure

This is far too cool.  Patient is a 36 year old male, with a blockage of his RCA (according to the cardiologist). Risk factors?  Smoking. I lived in England for 3 months and am sure that smoking was not the only risk factor…but.

I wish they had displayed a copy of the EKG, but I would venture to guess there was some ST-segment elevation for them to rush him back to the cath lab so quickly.  They show a fluoro shot of the dye being injected then stopping, which gives a great visual representation of what is going on.  You can see how it is pretty much totally blocked.  Then they also show a fluoro shot prior to stenting where you can see the narrowed lumen of the artery. Unfortunately, these shots are pretty much fleeting in nature so to get the best view you would have to pause the video, which I highly recommend.

It’s fun, especially when the patient has a bit of a reperfusion arrhythmia!

via Dr. Wes

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