I asked for suggestions on a strange EKG I snagged at work here in this post.

Many good suggestions, and a couple did guess correctly:   it is artifact.  I know, all that build-up for nothing, so disappointing, right?

The night I grabbed this though the patient had been admitted earlier on shift and had been in normal sinus rhythm since arrival.  This popped up and the tele tech asked someone to see what was going on as it was a retty major shift from the baseline.  It wasn’t obviously artifact, but very different from previous.  So we go down the hall and into the room and are greeted with the patient laying prone on her bed, tele leads and box squished under a rather substantial girth.  We convinced her to roll over and her tele returned to normal.

Just a little example as to how even artifact can look like something (or nothing at all) and why we as nurses should always remember that when something looks out of normal, we need to check it out.

I grabbed a cool strip this week but am heading out of town and won’t be able to post it until next week, but trust me, it’s a keeper.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Hah. Cool! Great post. Actually this is a very relevant strip, because in clinical practice such things may occur. You may have heard of the famous Tooth Brush Tachycardia..? Patient on telemetry brushing his teeth at a rate of 210 bpm..

    I’d love to post this strip in The EKG Club for discussion and to see what people suggest? Do you mind? I’ll of course link to your blog and credit you for it..


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