Yes, I have ’em.  Occasionally.

The other night was had a guy who dropped his CBG to 36mg/dl.  Par for the course he was a little out of it and coupled with an already existing issue with aspiration, PO intake was not going to solve the problem without possibly creating more problems.  As the nurse flushed his IV she saw it too had gone bad.  Crap.  One nurse tried to start a new IV already, but to no avail.

Enter the Charge Nurse.  Me.  Armed with a 22g IV, an amp of D50 and raw desire I jumped in.  And there it was.  Popping out of his skin 2 inches above the wrist, a nice, bouncy, engorged vein screaming out, “Poke ME!”  So I did.  D50 in, CBG up, crisis averted.  I love it when a plan comes together.

The true validation came the next night when his nurse said to me, “You know Mr 78?  Yeah, that IV you got last night is still in.  And IV resource came today to start another line and got nothing.”

Oh yeah, I gots skills!*

It’s nice when you’re called upon not just for your knowledge, but your technical abilities.  We rely so heavily on our IV team that my skills get rusty, so it is a small celebration when I get a good stick on a relatively dehydrated older gent.  Makes me feel validated that I can do this.  Makes me say, “I love my job!”

*of course it was a one-in-a-million shot, will probably never happen again and when it really comes down to it, starting IVs is not really my strong suit, but sometimes you come in and hit that clutch shot!


  1. nice job! i get a bit nervous starting IVs nowadays (not like i didn’t get nervous before) because it’s a once-a-month thing, if that. so many of our patients have central lines in the ICU, we get spoiled.

    and don’t get me started if they’re AAOx4 …


  2. FLAUNT while you got it! I myself am a streak hitter. There are some days I can’t even get a 22 in a 20-some athlete.. then there are days I can put a 20g in an obese person’s foot!
    Go figure.
    Congrats on flexin’ those skillz.


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