Shameless Romantic

I’m actually a  horrible romantic.  Rarely to do I bring home flowers, chocolates or other sweet nothings.  I am severly lacking when it comes to ensuring there are gifts on-hand for birthdays and anniversaries.  Lucky for me though, my wife is forgiving, after awhile.  But I’m getting better.

Today, in celebration of the Hallmark Day of Love, I stepped up to deliver a day of romance like none my wife has seen.

First, breakfast in bed of from-scratch pancakes, OJ and coffee.  This was followed by our favorite pastime (not that, get your mind our of the gutter) of couch-surfing.  But tonight, tonight will be AWESOME!

We’re going to the Monster Truck show, followed by dinner at Sizzler.

Oh yes, I’m swinging for the fences with this one!


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