JFS: Government-oversight of healthcare — End of discussion?

Junkfood Science: Government-oversight of healthcare — End of discussion?

Sandy over at JFS examines in great detail the language and some aspects of health care directives inserted into the stimulus package that just passed through Congress.  TPTB (the powers that be) were able to insert these directives with a minimum of public discussion as they were attached the stimulus package.

To my brief read of this one analysis it seems that the foundations of both health care rationing and governmental control of our health are being laid within this bill.  There are ominous terms in here like “biosurveillance”, EMR integration into a federal database, evidenced based practices for community health, all of which seem like they “good” things when looking at it with a naive eye as it sounds like a good thing to do:  surveil those with chronic conditions to enhance their health, share medical records electronicaly across providers, but in reality these start to restrict our freedom as every move is tracked.

Maybe I need to adjust my tinfoil hat, but I have grave misgivings about this kind of federal oversight.  On the other hand, “I welcome our new electronic overlords.”

Just go read it.


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