Voodoo Medicine Man: An Excellent Email Thingy

Voodoo Medicine Man: An Excellent Email Thingy

I’m sure many have seen this, but it needs to be shared.

While I do have liberal tendencies, the stimulus plan scares the hell out of me.  History has shown that stimulus plans don’t work.  As much as many liberals point to FDR’s New Deal as the force that pulled us out of the Great Depression, the truth is that it wasn’t until we entered the war that our Depression truly came to an end.  Yes, the New Deal did a great many things that helped us along the way, as does the stimulus package, but there were failures along the way as well.  We’re mortgaging our children’s children’s futures to help us now and you can only borrow from Peter to pay Paul for so long before something comes due.

For some interesting reading check out:

From the Wilderness and Act 2.

I don’t necessarily agree with many of the opinions contained in the former (mostly their 9/11 analysis) but it has some good stuff, but the analysis in the latter is really the better of the two and has some pretty good with some good food for thought.  I have a decent understanding of economics and geopolitics, at least enough to get me in trouble, but these guys have it nailed down fairly well, from certain point of view.

No more politics.  Back to EKGs and nursing stuff.


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