Ah, memories

I was looking through my saved pics on my hard drive and came upon a couple old gems from the days when I worked as loadmaster.  Our motto was, “Whaddya’ mean it won’t fit?!”  We had skills to go with the swagger too.


Oilfield Equipment Bound for SE Asia

If memory serves, this hung about 7 foot off of each end making the whole thing about 35 foot long.  But that’s why you can raise the nose on a 747!

Got Turbine?

Got Turbines?

These were gimball mounted thrusters going onto a ship of some variety.

The Easy Part

The Easy Part

The hard part was the tail boom and rotor section on this Huey.

By the Dawn's Early Light

By the Dawn's Early Light (click to enlarge)

In spite of everything that I hated about that job, long odd hours, way too much responsibility (I signed off that the load was correctly balanced and loaded), too much stress and no opportunity for advancement, this is why I loved that job.  There is nothing like the full-throated roar of a fully loaded 747 at lift-off.  Just thinking about it still gives me chills.


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