Bill would make cyclists pay to use & maintain roads.

Bill would make cyclists pay to use & maintain roads | Local News |

This pisses me off on so many levels that I’m seeing red just thining about it.  I can understand why the reps involved in this want to pick on a visible minority, hell, we’re not always the best of stewards (us cyclists).  But this is just an out and out attack.

I went through the commentson this article and the most common one is, “Good!  Make them pay for using the roads too!”  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  I pay property taxes, state and federal income taxes, I register all three of my cars (including the restoration project) and the family does drive nearly every day thereby consuming gas and adding to the gas tax fund.  Who’s telling me that I don’t pay me own way?

It’s just bullshit.  By bicycle commuting I take a car off the road, thereby reducing my carbon output and reducing congestion, plus I’m doing something healthy for myself that will reduce my draw on the health systems down the road.  Besides, the fee will not even pay for the administration of the program, much less contribute to actual upkeep of the roads.

You better believe that I’m going to involved in getting this bill killed!

medical-esque posting to resume shortly…

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  1. I absolutely agree with you. Can the gits who helped make this economy the charlie foxtrot it is now have any more gall? How much damage does a bike make to a road? That is after all why there are taxes on gasoline and special taxes on trucks. Oregon taxes income (unlike Washington State which has a sales tax) which should be enough but it apparently is not they will continue to place burdensome taxes on people until we tell them to stop.( and most unfairly of all it taxes income of the people who work in Portland and live in Vancouver, and they don’t give it back either. One good reason this nurse does not work in Portland any longer.) Taxes, bike taxes, sin taxes, how ridiculous will it get?


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