A Happy Hospitalist: What Happened To The Nursing Profession?

A Happy Hospitalist: What Happened To The Nursing Profession?

….I was going to write a bitter polemic about this, but realized that it would just fuel Happy’s ego.  It’s bad enough that I’m linking to it, but I had to say something about it.  So here goes:

1.  More often than not as nurses, we’re not allowed to exercise our critical thinking and judgment thanks to rules, regulations and policies.  Even when we know that it is not necessary to call (thanks to our experience, training and critical thinking), we still have to call, or if nothing more, document why we didn’t.

2.  Some nurses are better/more experienced/better educated/have more common sense than others.  Same goes for doctors.  ‘Nuff said.

3.  We’re not always sure the doctors are aware of the situation (many times they aren’t…) so we call to inform them of it.

4.  Us night shift nurses really love nothing more than to call up a sleeping hospitalist at 3am to report a critical value (that really isn’t, see point #1).  It’s almost as much fun as having to call a cardiologist at that un-godly hour.

Just my view.



  1. Happy has been on a rant for some time against NP’s, and he is just using his post as yet another point in his crusade to prove that nurses are too stupid to provide “real” care to patients.

    Interestingly enough in all of his previous rants against mid level providers- and he does include PA’s though he is less vitriolic, he talks about how much less rigorous the training is and how NP’s are simply not trained in the critical thinkng aspects necessary to do a full diagnostic run-down on a patient. Here in the posting that you link to he finally has the “proof” that he has been talking about- that we are all stupid, uneducated ninnies that have no place giving primary care to anyone- especially at 3am- and he still isn’t – well happy.

    pun intended.

    I like happy, as long as he/she stays off the subject of mlp’s on which soapBOX does not begin to describe the tower of doom



  2. Like you, when I read that post I was infuriated.
    I had a loooong bantering defense for my fellow nurses and our profession, but alas I chose not to even address the issue.
    I simply came to the realization that if you have to make light to question the nursing profession’s role in critical thinking, then you have not walked the halls with us lately.
    ‘Nuff Said ’bout that.


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