ER Eulogy

So I watched the final episode of ER tonight.  In a way it was bittersweet.  I watched the show for years, in some ways it propelled me into nursing, in a round about way.  I stopped watching it about the time that Mark Greene died, it wasn’t the same and the story lines got even more outrageous.  Helicopters chopping off arms, a 17 year old with an ETOH of 420 (impressive even for a chronic alcoholic!), tanks into the ED, plane crashes, mass chaos the usual ER craziness taken to the nth degree.  It was no longer enjoyable, and I wasn’t allowed to speak during it, probably due to my criticisms (like, you don’t shock asystole, minor point…).


I like how they ended it however.  Life just goes on.  No tearful good-byes or any of that, bows at the end of taping, just another mass casualty event, just another day.  I’ll miss it in some ways, but am glad to see it go.  Sometimes you just need to end things.

Bummer for the guy who walked the IV rack past the camera in particularly every show though…



  1. I haven’t seen the finale yet, that is next on my list…. I have watched the show, from the very first episode, all the way to the bitter end- helicopter crashes in all ( both of them- and that was a fitting way for Rocket to die by the way!) Though I am obviously not an ED nurse, I have to say that ER did bring me to nursing, because it was the show that first started me thinking about the career, until I would see Carol have to delouse a drunk!


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