I was listening to music on my laptop the other night when it went all “fizzy” and strange.  Then it went dark.  Not good. 

I rebooted and everything seemed to be OK, then it went dark again.  Now I can’t get it to reboot or do anything.  Not good.

Luckily, all of my blog stuff is in the clouds and I just backed up the important stuff not too long ago so all is not yet lost.  Now I get to try to figure what is going wrong.  And I ain’t happy about it.  Posting will probably be a bit more sporadic than normal (not that I’ve been prolific lately anyway), but stick around, I’ll be back to myself soon enough.


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  1. Step number one with laptops that fail to boot is to remove the battery and attempt to boot on AC power alone.

    ‘fizzy’ sounds like it might be a different problem to me though, like graphics card overheating, possibly due to a failed fan? Pure speculation, natch. If it boots again after it cools off try downloading SpeedFan to monitor your fans and internal temperatures. You’ll have to do some research about your particular model’s heat tolerance; speedfan will (hopefully) tell give you a number but it can’t tell you what it should be.

    Good luck. 🙂


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