Still Alive and Kicking

Kind of.
Laptop is still dead.  Haven’t had the time to pull the old desktop out from storage in the dungeon, errr, basement.  But I have one for y’all to think over:

Why would you let an erection last for 6 days?

I mean really, don’t the Viagra commercials say that if it lasts for more than 4 hours you should seek medical attention?  So 6 days?  Wouldn’t it be dead by then?  Or at least so painful that just moving would be so excruciating that it was almost not worth it to continue?  Is pride really that big of a thing when your manhood is about to fall off?
So what would keep you out of the ED for 6 days while sporting said erection?
Posting will be sporadic still as the wife and I are going on vacation.  A true blue, not visiting family (although we might drop in on those where we’re going to say "Hi"), but having a good time, by ourselves vacation.  It’s something we haven’t done since our honeymoon nearly 7 years ago.  All the other vacations have been to visit family, scope out a place to move, or other obligations, not a kick back, drink umbrella drinks by the poolside, sleep until noon, no commitments type of vacation.  You could say I’m looking forward to it!


One Comment

  1. Boy do I knoowwwww that feeling! The wife and I maintain our sanity by taking that very type of vacation every year. I still have 66 days… but who’s counting. 🙂


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